The Heart’s Truth

The heart is paramount to the moving foreword, the separation and anxiousness that we may feel in this intake of light energy is because we do not trust the messages, or the path, that it seeks to share with not only us, in our most intimate self, but the masses, perhaps they do not yet vibrate on the same level as what we do, perhaps they do not see as we see, or perhaps we do not see that they do. All of this is no less reason to speak, or live out, our souls truth. WE are here at the most auspicious of time to BE THE CHANGE, TO MAKE WAVES OF LIGHT THROUGHOUT THE MULTIVERSES. To be here in this incarnation as our most infinite selves, and to put down, and rest aside all that has kept us small, all that has had us remaining in fear. To be the light, we must heal all that has kept us dim. To be still within ourselves, and to hold our light, not in the wishing that other people will see, but in the wishing that other people will feel it, without want or need for them to even know that it is was us, and to leave the world in a better place then we entered it.

Light Blessings, Victoria

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