Advice from The Merlin

When you let go of the need to control an outcome, you automatically become open to all outcomes and possibilities all of which are for your highest and best good, you then have the opportunity to flow, and to bring in and move towards better things then you had even imagined for yourself, by travelling the meridians of energy of the heart, the Universe becomes your drawing board, as the heart allows an expanded perspective of all, and greater capacity to interact with it. You are automatically freed in this decision of letting go, and have much more space and capacity then to instead of trying to control from a place of fear, you have greater space to now steer the ship of your life and to create the direction, and the wave of change you want to see, not by wanting to have superiority or dictatorship over the free will of others, but by learning to navigate, project and manifest with the energy of the connection to the Creator, within you for the highest and best good of all. Many more can be healed, including yourself, if you live through heart centred awareness.

I AM The Merlin

Light Blessings, Victoria

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