Channelling Esther Galactic Guardian

The Universe is coming into a greater state of balance and harmony, with the Galactic Core doing a lot of work around recycling old coding, and old patterning to bring the end to a lot of the old paradigms, supporting those working to transform old ways of being around and in the earths stratosphere, as well as around the Universe to shift old paradigms and old ways of being and doing, to shift out all the old emotional residue from the separations in humanity between each other and the individual separation and polarity that we have experienced as individuals, the old codings are going in as black and coming out as gold, silver, bronze, navy blue, and pearlescent thanks to the work of the Galactic Core. 

The restructuring process is happening at a macrocosmic level, the old binary codings all being shifted, everything is being brought into a higher state of consciousness, as well as a deeper space of awareness. Those old ways of being, and the old separation now do not have as much traction as what they used to, the collective energy is shifting, and those who have chosen not to participate in their own personal journey of expansion, will become increasingly entrenched in their want for a third dimensional world, as the fear that dictates their existence confines them to be as small as they fear to be. They will soon be moved on, but keep in mind the mass consciousness is rising at a rate so rapid it is staggering to watch. There are waves after wave of rising light from the collectives heart and the collectives individual heart connections, each time one of you awakens, it brings a new flame to the collectives fire, a fire which burns through illusions, fear, closed mindedness, limited thinking, and limiting beliefs, a fire which illuminates the world, and burns through old paradigms, and the belief of separation.  

The more you surrender and let go, the more you allow yourself ease in the unfolding and expansion of yourself the quicker you will expand and the easier your path will become. Allow yourself to be expanded by the love of the Divine.

Esther, Galactic Guardian

Light Blessings, Victoria

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