People are often scared to heal because they have a belief that by choosing to do so they will have to face things that they have so far chosen not to, this is not invalid but it is also incomplete in its truth, the truth is that by choosing to heal, we make a conscious choice to create a space of awareness for triggers, reactions, or emotions to come through without placing judgement on them. We allow them to be seen and validated and released, and we allow ourselves for the first time a space where we are free from any unconsciousness dictation that they have previously placed on our lives. The fact is that the unhealed is always present with you; you can either act as if it is not, or acknowledge it and create a path for it to transformed. Be courageous enough to hold a space of non judgement for what your souls journey has led you to experience and gain wisdom from, in all forms of learning that it is has been presented with, your gifts from these experiences await you. They lay underneath and inside all that is yet to be unpacked and acknowledged. They are the gifts of forgiveness, understanding, compassion, patience, self-love, inner-strength, self-validation and oneness.

Light Blessings, Victoria

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