Trifecta of Light

The trifecta of light is about to be revealed in a number of quadrants. Prior to misconceptions about what this is, we should look more deeply as to what it is not, it is not disillusionment, or power, it is not greed, pride, fear induced reign, it is not want to be superior, or better, or bigger than. It is a humble equality that stems from the knowingness that all is in fact one, and the all resides within us, and that we are not separate from this, the second is the reconnection of and the full activation of the God Spark within us, and claiming of our Divine and Sovereign right to once more live and function as our infinite selves with all our gifts, wisdom and accesses. Thirdly it is the honouring of all life, it is about bringing in light to where we go, choosing to act through light and the consciousness of our hearts and choosing to leave a place in the same way, or in an even better space than which we arrived. With these three, heart-centred ways of being we can live through and are enacting what it is to be a trifecta of light.

Light Blessings, Victoria

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