Observer of Self

After an age of war against myself and in battle with my own inner “demons” I have realised what should be by now a deep and unwavering truth. That no body wins in a war. The only way to face any part of ones self, is through an observation of self, and through gentle and non-judgmental reflection, it is in this space of observation of the mind, that we are able to create more space, between ourselves, as beings of Divine Love and consciousness itself, and whichever part of us we are choosing to master, this space gives us greater capacity to choose whether or not we pursue a thought, a feeling, or a coarse of action. Allow the breathe to help you centre in this space of awareness, where all is more transparent, and the illusions of the world, more easily noticed. Then allow yourself to choose, does this thought serve my highest and best good? Is the emotion of my heart space? Or do you need to sit in this observational space for longer? Bring in light to help it to transmute if there is something that needs shifting, or a more expansive perspective brought to it. Claim you Divinity and choose to heal and clear out all that does not resonate with your soul.

LIght Blessings, Victoria

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