High Priestess of Antares

The Universe is now shifting towards rapid expansion, and influx of light energy, it no longer wants to wait for the darkness to evolve, the darkness, if choosing to stay for much longer in this space, will be transmuted or moved on, the old paradigms are shifting and much of the ancient knowledge is being reawakened within the planets and the stars. We are remembering why we came here and therefore our journey forward. We are witness to and initiates of the one light, the one star, the one seed and the one source, and we must all integrate back through it. There will be those, as I said who will remain in surrender to this, and those will choose resistance, this is not a path for resistance, but a path of integration of all aspects of being, we have all come out of the seed in an array of the spectrums colours, we then sorted ourselves into groups of all colours, blue, green, yellow, orange, indigo, violet, silver, black, gold, white, when in fact we all hold, all colours, we all hold all sounds, we all hold the code of the seed. We are one, and must remember our oneness. The codons of Indigo Blue, now moving towards you and your planet have been sent on a direct mission to allow a space of movement in the spoken and unspoken word, they will both create and ease distortions, of the mind vs. heart and ego energies, depending on the level of awareness held by those who encounter and choose to integrate them. You may feel like saying very little, or that words are not quite right, or working in your favour, silence and time in reflection of the navigation of the spoken word, and the mastery of the spoken word is imperative at this time, it is vital we once more learn to communicate unveiled truths from open hearts, and use the gateway of the throat chakra and the ether that it expands into with great wisdom and clarity of what it is we are giving energy and power to and any given moment in time. We have created in the not too distant past of the Universe as well as earth, absolute atrocities for our fellow man, for Earth, your home planet and the Universe around you, through speaking untruths, with no heart centred awareness, and so the consciousness of most surface dwellers of your planet has been shrouded in darkness for a time, from not only the misuse of power, but also because of the misuse of ether, THE SPACE IN BETWEEN. Fill this space with wisdom, honour silence, and listening as much as your spoken words, and begin to speak kindly to one another, if you are not already, and be conscious of the effect that your words have on not only others, but in the creation of your own world. What are you filling the space with?????? Couple this with Heart Centred Awareness and you will be able to access you ancient self, your oneness, your all knowing being, then work to ground this as well as your energies, so as to bring in and complete the cycle of evolution in bringing in the higher self to have full access and inhabitation of your vessel. To have done so, means you have shifted all lower vibration levels of awareness and energies. God speed Dear ones, you are coming back to yourselves. Blessings to you and your journey back to the One.

Light Blessings, Victoria

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