High Priestess of Antares

The Universe is now shifting towards rapid expansion, and influx of light energy, it no longer wants to wait for the darkness to evolve, the darkness, if choosing to stay for much longer in this space, will be transmuted or moved on, the old paradigms are shifting and much of the ancient knowledge is being reawakened within the planets and the stars. We are remembering why we came here and therefore our journey forward. We are witness to and initiates of the one light, the one star, the one seed and the one source, and we must all integrate back through it. There will be those, as I said who will remain in surrender to this, and those will choose resistance, this is not a path for resistance, but a path of integration of all aspects of being, we have all come out of the seed in an array of the spectrums colours, we then sorted ourselves into groups of all colours, blue, green, yellow, orange, indigo, violet, silver, black, gold, white, when in fact we all hold, all colours, we all hold all sounds, we all hold the code of the seed. We are one, and must remember our oneness. The codons of Indigo Blue, now moving towards you and your planet have been sent on a direct mission to allow a space of movement in the spoken and unspoken word, they will both create and ease distortions, of the mind vs. heart and ego energies, depending on the level of awareness held by those who encounter and choose to integrate them. You may feel like saying very little, or that words are not quite right, or working in your favour, silence and time in reflection of the navigation of the spoken word, and the mastery of the spoken word is imperative at this time, it is vital we once more learn to communicate unveiled truths from open hearts, and use the gateway of the throat chakra and the ether that it expands into with great wisdom and clarity of what it is we are giving energy and power to and any given moment in time. We have created in the not too distant past of the Universe as well as earth, absolute atrocities for our fellow man, for Earth, your home planet and the Universe around you, through speaking untruths, with no heart centred awareness, and so the consciousness of most surface dwellers of your planet has been shrouded in darkness for a time, from not only the misuse of power, but also because of the misuse of ether, THE SPACE IN BETWEEN. Fill this space with wisdom, honour silence, and listening as much as your spoken words, and begin to speak kindly to one another, if you are not already, and be conscious of the effect that your words have on not only others, but in the creation of your own world. What are you filling the space with?????? Couple this with Heart Centred Awareness and you will be able to access you ancient self, your oneness, your all knowing being, then work to ground this as well as your energies, so as to bring in and complete the cycle of evolution in bringing in the higher self to have full access and inhabitation of your vessel. To have done so, means you have shifted all lower vibration levels of awareness and energies. God speed Dear ones, you are coming back to yourselves. Blessings to you and your journey back to the One.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Observer of Self

After an age of war against myself and in battle with my own inner “demons” I have realised what should be by now a deep and unwavering truth. That no body wins in a war. The only way to face any part of ones self, is through an observation of self, and through gentle and non-judgmental reflection, it is in this space of observation of the mind, that we are able to create more space, between ourselves, as beings of Divine Love and consciousness itself, and whichever part of us we are choosing to master, this space gives us greater capacity to choose whether or not we pursue a thought, a feeling, or a coarse of action. Allow the breathe to help you centre in this space of awareness, where all is more transparent, and the illusions of the world, more easily noticed. Then allow yourself to choose, does this thought serve my highest and best good? Is the emotion of my heart space? Or do you need to sit in this observational space for longer? Bring in light to help it to transmute if there is something that needs shifting, or a more expansive perspective brought to it. Claim you Divinity and choose to heal and clear out all that does not resonate with your soul.

LIght Blessings, Victoria

Galactic Federation of Light: Astronomical Observation Deck: Elsa.

There will come a great shift in the East in which the timelines and the connection lines of the universes fabric will converge and eclipse themselves and recreate the fabric of time itself within all dimensions, and in all realities, the shift is quickened by the continued expansion of our energies, and our growing understanding of interconnectedness with all things, and all life, this is also representative of the shifts that have taken place within the Divine Masculine and Feminine as they converge and balance within this Universe for the first time, with the alignment process of the portals and Sacred Gateways, as well as with the newfound alignments we have had within self. Our Expansion is shifting the fabric of the cosmos itself.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Illusion of Power

There is no such thing as power. There are only different levels of BEING an embodiment of light, and the accesses and gateways that living as this light allows. Power is an illusion born of fear, and from a want to feel empowered while choosing to be disempowered by the same fear.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Trifecta of Light

The trifecta of light is about to be revealed in a number of quadrants. Prior to misconceptions about what this is, we should look more deeply as to what it is not, it is not disillusionment, or power, it is not greed, pride, fear induced reign, it is not want to be superior, or better, or bigger than. It is a humble equality that stems from the knowingness that all is in fact one, and the all resides within us, and that we are not separate from this, the second is the reconnection of and the full activation of the God Spark within us, and claiming of our Divine and Sovereign right to once more live and function as our infinite selves with all our gifts, wisdom and accesses. Thirdly it is the honouring of all life, it is about bringing in light to where we go, choosing to act through light and the consciousness of our hearts and choosing to leave a place in the same way, or in an even better space than which we arrived. With these three, heart-centred ways of being we can live through and are enacting what it is to be a trifecta of light.

Light Blessings, Victoria


People are often scared to heal because they have a belief that by choosing to do so they will have to face things that they have so far chosen not to, this is not invalid but it is also incomplete in its truth, the truth is that by choosing to heal, we make a conscious choice to create a space of awareness for triggers, reactions, or emotions to come through without placing judgement on them. We allow them to be seen and validated and released, and we allow ourselves for the first time a space where we are free from any unconsciousness dictation that they have previously placed on our lives. The fact is that the unhealed is always present with you; you can either act as if it is not, or acknowledge it and create a path for it to transformed. Be courageous enough to hold a space of non judgement for what your souls journey has led you to experience and gain wisdom from, in all forms of learning that it is has been presented with, your gifts from these experiences await you. They lay underneath and inside all that is yet to be unpacked and acknowledged. They are the gifts of forgiveness, understanding, compassion, patience, self-love, inner-strength, self-validation and oneness.

Light Blessings, Victoria

A message from the Guardians of Light who watch over us.

And in your cosmic wisdom, believe that I know you, believe that I see you, and that I will allow no harm to you, and allow no darkness that has not been preordained to be necessary, to cross your path, that I have loved you enough to let you learn, that I have seen you enough to allow you space to grow. That I have witnessed you in all you emanations, and have chosen to allow you to take skin off, I have chosen to allow you to remember who is it you are. And I knew that I would need to let go to do so, so that you may face the darkness on your own, and to know once more, your power to overcome it, to overthrow it, to witness it, after your presence as nothing more than gold dust at your feet. I have not interfered, I have witness you, and sent you loving grace so that you may be empowered, so that you may find within yourself the seat of the all. The path of oneness, and you may remember and than live through your christed heart. Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Channelling Esther Galactic Guardian

The Universe is coming into a greater state of balance and harmony, with the Galactic Core doing a lot of work around recycling old coding, and old patterning to bring the end to a lot of the old paradigms, supporting those working to transform old ways of being around and in the earths stratosphere, as well as around the Universe to shift old paradigms and old ways of being and doing, to shift out all the old emotional residue from the separations in humanity between each other and the individual separation and polarity that we have experienced as individuals, the old codings are going in as black and coming out as gold, silver, bronze, navy blue, and pearlescent thanks to the work of the Galactic Core. 

The restructuring process is happening at a macrocosmic level, the old binary codings all being shifted, everything is being brought into a higher state of consciousness, as well as a deeper space of awareness. Those old ways of being, and the old separation now do not have as much traction as what they used to, the collective energy is shifting, and those who have chosen not to participate in their own personal journey of expansion, will become increasingly entrenched in their want for a third dimensional world, as the fear that dictates their existence confines them to be as small as they fear to be. They will soon be moved on, but keep in mind the mass consciousness is rising at a rate so rapid it is staggering to watch. There are waves after wave of rising light from the collectives heart and the collectives individual heart connections, each time one of you awakens, it brings a new flame to the collectives fire, a fire which burns through illusions, fear, closed mindedness, limited thinking, and limiting beliefs, a fire which illuminates the world, and burns through old paradigms, and the belief of separation.  

The more you surrender and let go, the more you allow yourself ease in the unfolding and expansion of yourself the quicker you will expand and the easier your path will become. Allow yourself to be expanded by the love of the Divine.

Esther, Galactic Guardian

Light Blessings, Victoria