The Machine

You can run in circles for a lifetime, following the crowd, getting caught up in seeking whatever it is society told you you should. Trying to attain a picture book happiness through accumulation of objects. Trying to look like, sound like; act like a living and breathing embodiment of everything that everyone else told you you wanted to be. But in doing this do you find yourself? Or have you just succeeded in masking who it is you really are? Have you achieved deep inner peace? Or do you continue to feel as though you need more things or different circumstance to have that? Do not let them, along with their ideas, stop you from truly seeking and truly finding.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Advice from The Merlin

When you let go of the need to control an outcome, you automatically become open to all outcomes and possibilities all of which are for your highest and best good, you then have the opportunity to flow, and to bring in and move towards better things then you had even imagined for yourself, by travelling the meridians of energy of the heart, the Universe becomes your drawing board, as the heart allows an expanded perspective of all, and greater capacity to interact with it. You are automatically freed in this decision of letting go, and have much more space and capacity then to instead of trying to control from a place of fear, you have greater space to now steer the ship of your life and to create the direction, and the wave of change you want to see, not by wanting to have superiority or dictatorship over the free will of others, but by learning to navigate, project and manifest with the energy of the connection to the Creator, within you for the highest and best good of all. Many more can be healed, including yourself, if you live through heart centred awareness.

I AM The Merlin

Light Blessings, Victoria


Do not get caught up wandering the hallways of illusion while you walk this plane, by all means venture through them, then you will know for yourself, that this is not the path to the Divine, and in that there is wisdom to be gained as well. Anything but the very seat of your souls essence, is designed to distract you, to have you looking in all other places, and in other people and things, for a feeling, that feeling is the love that you may only ever feel, and the joy that you may only ever feel, and the awe, that you may only ever feel, when you look in. When you are present through the light of your own being, where you are found, where you are at one with all, where no walls, judgements, separation, or illusion exists. This place, if you allow yourself to go deep enough into it, you will find, is the Nirvana, is the Heaven, our purpose here is to exist through the space more then we don’t and to hold this frequency, this light, until the rest of the world reflects it.

Light Blessings, Victoria