I am Ra, from whom time began, rising, a red feather in the wind, turning, turning. I am the hub of a wheel, a day star hovering over an endless sea. I am not the harvest; I am the seed. I am not the lyre; I am the song. I will not pass away.

Awakening Osiris: A New Translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead By Normandi Ellis

Light Blessings, Victoria

The Unfolding

There is beauty in the unfolding. In the opening of the heart, in the gentle exhale of the flower through its petals, in the expansion. There is beauty in the journey; we often turn away from heavy emotion, but there is beauty in that too, through the clearing of which, the heart and the soul can open more fully to the divine, and the Divine has a has a newfound space within us, because of the depth of space that the heavy emotion has cleared out, so as to allow more light in, and to hold more light. The darkness creates new depth, and when cleared, we are able to hold light to a new depth.

LIght Blessings, Victoria

Elsa. Astronomical Observatory. Galactic Federation of Light

Part 1:

There has been a vast increase in the amount of Golden Consciousness light codes by 20-30% that are being emitted by the Galactic Core, within the last 24 to 48 hours, this shift in energy seeks to awaken the Golden Consciousness within all of us, as we move towards the paradigm shift. The accelerated rate in which the codons are being transmitted will also cause Gaia’s frequencies as well of the frequencies of the rest of the Universe to be raised in vibration, all life who takes in this higher frequency of codons will awaken, and if they allow the process to take them on a journey of shedding of the old and of surrender, to their higher selves and Source Consciousness, they will also ascend. Surrender is heart spaced awareness. The consciousness will shift rapidly from here on out you may feel with this new influx of energy strongly called to make small or large changes in your world, which are to align you with your souls journey and purpose. Follow your hearts call. It is leading you to your own path of completion, of unity, and of oneness with the all.

Part 2: With the moving of Chiron into Aires February 18th 2019 it is literally flipped in it orbital pattern, which has in its’ transit opened one of the veils of illusion, to allow more densely programmed energy to refract and transform. This shifting of one of the veils of illusion will allow you greater clarity and more direct access to the Sovereign Light of your Divinity.

Blessings to you all. We are the light that watches over you.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Advice from the Merlin

I had a conversation with the Merlin this morning about facing the last of my shadow self, parts which still have a significant amount of momentum behind them, and what to do when these parts of myself arise, the following is the advice that he gave me.

If it helps to, see whatever is blocking you from living through your heart space exclusively as an external energy, face it through your heart space, bring in fortitude, and light, be strong in your standoff, and the energy will stand down and allow you to pass. It is after all the energy of the collective you are most often facing, and your own personal collective energy from other lives which you have also come her to clear which you are feeling, so face it, because it stops you living as your higher self; which does not get caught up in such affairs, and is merely an observer to all things. So when you face those parts of yourself, say to them “No; you stop me from living as my true self” and allow your Divinity to do the rest. You must let go of the resistance you will feel, these energy are like pests and want to be fed. You must choose not to feed them, and eventually you will have taken away their energy, they may transform, or go to participate in another form of existence elsewhere, the choice is ultimately theirs, as it is with most forms of energy.  

I AM The Merlin

Light Blessings, Victoria

The Key

The heart is the gateway to all keys, to all accesses and to your most essential self. The heart reminds you that you are light, that you are infinite in your divinity and that you are one with the Divine. Use this wisdom to conquest the darkness and the shadow that you may face. Use this wisdom as a guiding light for you in times of darkness and evil will seek you no more.

Light Blessings, Victoria

The Heart’s Truth

The heart is paramount to the moving foreword, the separation and anxiousness that we may feel in this intake of light energy is because we do not trust the messages, or the path, that it seeks to share with not only us, in our most intimate self, but the masses, perhaps they do not yet vibrate on the same level as what we do, perhaps they do not see as we see, or perhaps we do not see that they do. All of this is no less reason to speak, or live out, our souls truth. WE are here at the most auspicious of time to BE THE CHANGE, TO MAKE WAVES OF LIGHT THROUGHOUT THE MULTIVERSES. To be here in this incarnation as our most infinite selves, and to put down, and rest aside all that has kept us small, all that has had us remaining in fear. To be the light, we must heal all that has kept us dim. To be still within ourselves, and to hold our light, not in the wishing that other people will see, but in the wishing that other people will feel it, without want or need for them to even know that it is was us, and to leave the world in a better place then we entered it.

Light Blessings, Victoria