Collective Energy Update

Artwork: Meg Bendicte

Increasingly the shadows content is weakening as shown by the Meta lab tests of Gaia and her surrounding platforms and etheric fields. The universe is preparing to shower you all with light, and some of the most profoundly shifting energy to enter the earths stratosphere yet, here within the time of ascension. Live a life of integrity while you are here, choose the heart to navigate your actions, your choices, and your thoughts, choose to move through and expand the spaces within you that are still keeping doorways to your higher self closed, or are blocking these doorways. There are thousands of doorways to this most essential self, each within every part of your physical being, each being able to access your most essential, once all blockages are removed you are able to live as an untouchable, and un-effectible soul. The collective must now rise within this frequency for ascension to be achieved, it is ok to practice your heart spaced life within your own ‘bubble of the Universe’, but always remember that there are billions of others, with potentially millions of them, seeking the same outcome, walking the same path, shifting the same energy, holding the same hope, embodying the same light, we are here to ascend as a collective, not as one or two people. We are as moving the collectives heaviness and density and when this is shifted we will be able to focus more on feeding the collectives light body and then also being able to be renewed and receive healing from this energy when we are feeling low.

Light Blessings, Victoria

The God Spark

Bringing in the light of presence in daily doing is key to your moving foreword in to a new dawning, acknowledge and move past the ego mind telling you that this is not important and it’s attempts to convince that this is a waste of time. The secret is that that in the present is the only place you will experience timelessness. Keep pulling you energy from the past and present into the now, until you start to see the entire Universe in your coffee cup. Until you reconnect to the God Spark you have within you, the place of eternal knowing that lies within the seed of your being, the place where only joy and love and patience reside. A place of pure enlightened consciousness. Where you immortal soul resides, and in the space of all and nothing, can communicate its deepest truths to you, and speak to you of your divine essence, and the deepest knowing’s of the Universe itself.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Alcyone Control. Maua.

The seven sisters

When the gateways of light of the ascension are aligned the exact alignment will create a multifaceted star shape, which will penetrate the density and the lower vibrations of the Universe to bring in bands and quadrants of light connections in such a dynamic and profound way, the force of which will shift the final stagnant energies to be transformed or shifted into different universes and times altogether. The planets will also play a big part in the alignment process. They will be almost as was on the original conception of this Universe, although the major change will be the connection points that have been made during the times that conscious life has been active within this Universe. The activation of the ley lines, the gateways, the sacred sites, the portals of hidden wisdoms, the Galactic Eye, right down to the very chromosomal structure of your beings will to a place of harmony and intricate and delicate balance and connection so profound that the very fabric of the Universe will change in frequency and colour, we will be witness to a new dawning of time, and will closer to the seat of the source for it. There will be a heaven on earth.

Maua, Alcyone Control

Light Blessings, Victoria

The Gateway to the Soul

Photograph: Yogananda

The heart see truth in a world of illusions and many mirrors, not all is at it seems, there are those who suggest they are what they not. There are those who would have their true intentions veiled. What does your heart tell you, who are they really? What story do their eyes convey, what truth lies in them? They will tell you more then any words that anybody can speak. Are they empty voids? Do they unnerve you to look at, in a way that is just uncomfortable? Which is different to looking into someone’s eyes and knowing that they see all parts of you, that you have no where to hide, even from the things you have worked to hide from all, including yourself. This is another kind of uncomfortable, but this is discomfort over what you do not embrace about yourself, rather then feeling repelled by the darkness in another. Do their eyes tell you of great wisdoms, do the take you right back to the dawning of time itself? Do they tell you about love, do they tell you about sadness? Do they speak so profoundly to you that words are irrelevant, their sacred depth only able to be shared in unguarded silence? Do their eyes tell you that within them is the very fabric of which the Universe was built? Can you see the Universe within them? Is there gentle warm, deep stillness, or the vastness of eternity? Is there joy? Hope? Compassion? Is this person self-serving, do they make you feel that you have to be on guard? Do their eyes look like yours? Are they you in another? Are they the other half of you? Do their eyes tell you, that you are being seen by someone who feels exactly as you do, who truly sees you in your most essential self, allowing you to feel self within your energy in their energy. Do their eyes tell you that you have their love without condition? What does your heart tell you? What do their eyes say? Your heart and your inner knowing are bullshit-proof. You just have to choose to listen to them.

Light Blessings, Victoria

Galactic Federation of Light

Awakening Arts: Dana Lynne Andersen

The very fabric of the Universe is shifting with the expanding consciousness of life on Earth, some areas of it have become more pliable in specific sites, namely that of the quadrant Silley, with the inversion of black hole Jaymee, in quadrant nine. A black hole inverts when a cosom of light manages to infiltrate and penetrate the density deeply enough in order to move through to another universe, a black hole remains un-inverted to this point, and most energy which has ended up in it can still be detected and ‘read’ on its external layers, as it has not yet broken through to another world.

This inversion of energy is direct result of the massive influx of light energy, which has been circulating the Universe and your planet Earth.

The eadon rays, which have more recently encompassed the planet from galaxies far removed from you, are designed to wake your ancient selves; the ancient codes reside within all of you. Those who are open to, and ready to receive them will be imbued with such an immense amount of healing light that they will not be able to not shift all that holds them in a constrictive way on being. The ancient self knows it is infinite; the ancient eyes see that all is one. The Universe is showering us will blessings, of love and of light, and of reminders of who it is we are. There are rainbow like waves of this information coming into your stratosphere constantly, this is what you need to choose to align yourself with, come into your higher mind, and allow it to be so. Release all doubt and questioning that has kept you associating yourself with the collective consciousness’s ego mind, yes you will still be working to heal this part of you, and bring it along with you for the journey, but you can do so from the higher mind, the knowing that is your infinite self. The Universe is sending you cosmic waves of light; ride them, until you reach the ultimate destiny of your soul’s incarnation here, to ascend to be at one with your higher knowing. Many blessings.

Elsa, Observation Deck, Galactic Federation of Light

Light Blessings, Victoria

Orion, Headquarters of the Galactic Board of Light

Part 1:

The light coming to Earth has softened and lifted in vibration since the Galactic Emissaries of Light, have opened the cosmic portal to the Gateway of the Keepers of the North, which leads into the portal of the infinite, reconnecting us by pathways of light to the platforms in other universes. There will also be an influx of the ascension codes through this gateway. Which will shower the cosmos, and all life on earth.

Part 2:

The cosmic glial band at has reintegrated and transformed much of the old paradigm to create a new level of consciousness, it has reintegrated and transformed much of the old separation we have experienced as the Mayan’s codes have once more been activated within the Great Chamber of Light, which is safeguarded by those of the underground cities. This will create massive shifts in the energy of the consciousness as it pushes through the density of the last several thousand years on Earth.

Epsundina, Orion’s Gateway Headquarters, Cosmic Guard

Light Blessings, Victoria

Message from Alcyone

Ascension codes for stages 3 and 4 of the ascension process are now being transmitted to planet earth. Thus bringing the consciousness into the required space for the completion of the Alcyone Paradigm, where we will be once more unified with our soul self, on all platforms, without the veil of separation.

For the final ascension codes to integrate we must first heal through the darkness that has shifted in the cosmos, which has been broken through to allow the release of the codes.

As the energy of darkness dissipates and separates for the final stages of its transmutation, we may experience disruption in our own energetic fields. This may bring up for us, the hidden sides of our character, all that we have chosen not to face. Stay grounded and bring in love to the situation, to the feelings, and the thoughts that may arise, we are bringing in love to the quantum fields of the planet, and the darkness will, and must surface to be healed, you are healing the collectives consciousness by doing so, as you heal the heaviness, consciously put the intention out with the transmuted energy that this energy may be healed in all people, this not only increases the level of light able to shift through to the mass consciousness, but also makes you more aware of the connection that you have to all humanity. You are all brothers and sisters of the same seed, you are all a part of an elaborate and complex saga that is playing out, which you have all agreed to be a part of. During this time here you have forgotten your connections to one another, because you have not yet remembered you come from the one origin. Take heed, as soon as the darkness shifts, more light can enter you. My blessing is with all of you at this time, we are the guardians of light who watch over you.

Maua, Alcyone Control.

Light Blessings, Victoria

The Merlin

The Merlin.

Elestial Gateway of the North.

The counterbalance point which was previously Chiron, for the higher vibrational energies which are being transmitted to earth, is no longer necessary as the earth and humanity are now able to centre and balance these frequencies themselves, as the light quotient increases through the populous, more and more light will be able to be sent to you. The triad of the gateway formation will be able to activated and amplify again, the resonance of light for not only the peoples of earth but also the Universe and the constellation’s of the Zeta. This amplification of light will also in Divine time allow for all the sacred sites of the world to be activated and realigned with the cosmic beings of light who act as their guardians. Each sacred site, connected to an place of equal resonation and vibration in the Universe’s Cosmos. This amplification of light will create great shifts within humanity, the changes that you will be witness to will be awe-inspiring. To help to create this change, continue to transmute and heal heavy vibrations, face your shadow, and continue to live more and more within the heart space which acts as the centre of the unity that we are creating.

I AM the Merlin.

Light Blessings, Victoria


Do not conform.

Do not follow.

See you own course,

Speak your own truth.

You are the only one able to live your life,

Do not run from this,

Do not look to others for confirmation,

Acceptance or approval.

Accept yourself.

Love yourself. After all, you are completely wonderful exactly as you are.

Light Blessings, Victoria