Collective Energy Update

Artwork: Meg Bendicte

Increasingly the shadows content is weakening as shown by the Meta lab tests of Gaia and her surrounding platforms and etheric fields. The universe is preparing to shower you all with light, and some of the most profoundly shifting energy to enter the earths stratosphere yet, here within the time of ascension. Live a life of integrity while you are here, choose the heart to navigate your actions, your choices, and your thoughts, choose to move through and expand the spaces within you that are still keeping doorways to your higher self closed, or are blocking these doorways. There are thousands of doorways to this most essential self, each within every part of your physical being, each being able to access your most essential, once all blockages are removed you are able to live as an untouchable, and un-effectible soul. The collective must now rise within this frequency for ascension to be achieved, it is ok to practice your heart spaced life within your own ‘bubble of the Universe’, but always remember that there are billions of others, with potentially millions of them, seeking the same outcome, walking the same path, shifting the same energy, holding the same hope, embodying the same light, we are here to ascend as a collective, not as one or two people. We are as moving the collectives heaviness and density and when this is shifted we will be able to focus more on feeding the collectives light body and then also being able to be renewed and receive healing from this energy when we are feeling low.

Light Blessings, Victoria

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