A message from the Guardians of Light who watch over us.

And in your cosmic wisdom, believe that I know you, believe that I see you, and that I will allow no harm to you, and allow no darkness that has not been preordained to be necessary, to cross your path, that I have loved you enough to let you learn, that I have seen you enough to allow you space to grow. That I have witnessed you in all you emanations, and have chosen to allow you to take skin off, I have chosen to allow you to remember who is it you are. And I knew that I would need to let go to do so, so that you may face the darkness on your own, and to know once more, your power to overcome it, to overthrow it, to witness it, after your presence as nothing more than gold dust at your feet. I have not interfered, I have witness you, and sent you loving grace so that you may be empowered, so that you may find within yourself the seat of the all. The path of oneness, and you may remember and than live through your christed heart. Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be.

Light Blessings, Victoria

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